Transmedia Experiences | 05/26/2010

On the 26th of May of 2010, CTS Game Studies hosted a discussion about the transmedia experiences. The researchers Drew Davidson and Charles Palmer demonstrated how diverse media have benefited from the common areas they share. Franchises, such as Dead Space and The Matrix reveal how narratives can begin in a specific format and end in a another, thus confirming the concept of crossmedia and how various experiencies, including games, have made use of this strategy to engage vast audiences. The speakers presented situations in which various mecia and forms of narrative cross each other and discussed how the crossmedia experience is a very important element to the consumption of content.

The event brought speakers Drew Davidson, director of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), and Charles Palmer, director of Harrisburg University Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies (CAELT).

More information and photos of the event can be accessed here. Archived video streaming is available below.

Video streaming by Ustream


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