The Battle For Brazil’s Game Future on Gamasutra |13/10/11

IGDA Rio de Janeiro head and CTS Game Studies’ coordinator Arthur Protasio writes about the current perception of games in the South American country, talking about cultural and economic challenges that keep games from being recognized as a vital medium in this developing economy.

It is no mystery that games are a huge medium — and are growing fast. Likewise, the debate between those who believe in games as a medium deserving respect and those who don’t is also not new.

Regardless of which conclusion one comes to, the definition of “art” is independent of evaluations such as “good” and “bad” or “exquisite” and “distasteful”. Simply put: art does not need to please one’s tastes in order to be legally defined as “art”.

However, if one thing has been proven beyond a doubt, it’s that games do excel at creatively expressing thoughts and emotions, and are one of the most engaging and popular means of expression in society today. The issue at hand is that, sadly, this is not the perception that prevails among society as a whole.


Keep reading at Gamasutra.com or download the pdf version.


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